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Here is the solution, ADVA CRM. 

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The simple and user friendly Customer Relationship Management Software

ADVA CRM is a leading customer acquisition tool which turns the tedious sales process to simple and organised tasks. It is the simplest CRM that is easy to use, customisable and highly focused on customer acquisition and conversion. A powerful CRM system is a must for all organizations driven by sales. Track all sales life-cycle activities, communications and get deep insights with powerful reports.

Say goodbye to excel, paper files, data duplication and confusions! Say hello to ADVA CRM

100% Online

Access data from anywhere, any time on any device. Work as you go and track your field staff.

High data security

High user and data security. Encrypted and managed in most secured servers.

Low cost

No upfront cost. Just pay as per license. Ensures low cost for customer acquisition.

Easy to use

It’s the simplest and easy to use CRM. No official training required. Just start using it.


Work collaboratively with the team. No more duplication or inconsistencies.

No clerical job

Utilize your time effectively with clients. Leave all clerical job to the software

No investments

No investment in hardware or software. No heavy upfront payments

Feature Four

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Feature Five

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Track sales executives performance and map with targets


Experiance ADVA CRM before you purchase. 7 days condition free trial is availabe. No card information required.



A close follow up is essential to get a deal. ADV CRM has some powerful processes that gets you the deal



Managing of incoming leads are critical in any industry. Configure it in your website or enter it manually.



ADVA CRM uses one of best cloud service which ensures 99.99% up-time. All the transactions are encrypted. It also has the user based permissions and privilages



Insights are very important in better governing the customer acquisition process. ADVA CRM gives wonderful MI|S reports

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